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SPC House of Media, thanks to its offer of services tailored to the specific needs of its clients, provides a much wider range of them than that of a traditional media house.

B2B Promotion

We specialize in supporting business to business activities (B2B).

We organise advertising campaigns and PR in branch and business media, as well as helping in the organisation of the sponsorship of branch events and striking up content-oriented co-operation with branch media.

We specialise in supporting the export of Polish products and services. Hence, we offer services both in Poland and abroad.


Visits to Trade Fairs

In some branches, participation in trade fairs is an invaluable lever of the business’s development. Hence, we also offer services connected to the organisation of trips to branch events all over the world.

We organise the trips in a complex way – beginning with the organisation of the stand down to the promotion of the exhibitor – so that our client can concentrate on what is most important – preparing for the business meetings awaiting him or her.

Our services:

  • Reservation of the trade fair area
  • Organisation of the construction of the stand (a functional design of the stand in accordance with the marketing image of the company, its construction, installation, insurance...)
  • The equipment and customer service at the stand (the Internet, cleaning, hostesses, an interpreter...)
  • Organising the transport of the products and advertising materials to the trade fair
  • Organising the travel of the staff: visas, flights, hotel, transport in the city
  • Organising the exhibitor’s advertisements at the fair or in the city of the fair, as well as PR and advertising actions directed at the fair guests – the potential trade partners


SPC House of Media employs its own PR specialists. Thanks to that, we offer complex PR services - from the promotion of single events down to a long-term co-operation with the media.

The services offered by our PR department include, among others:

  • Preparing press releases, press packs and other texts
  • Sending information to the media
  • Keeping the client in constant touch with the media
  • Servicing the company profiles in the social networks
  • Monitoring the media
  • Organising press conferences
  • Organising events and their PR service