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SPC House of Media was founded in 1999 and has from the beginning been run by Roland Sprung, earlier for many years a manager at Bertelsmann, the global media concern.


For the past sixteen years, SPC House of Media has been running individualised campaigns, answering the different requirements of its clients. The latter include businesspeople (from international players and big Polish companies down to smaler local ones), public institutions (national and local authority ones), political parties and NGO’s.


The aims the SPC House of Media team have set themselves are to answer the needs of their clients in an Individualised and attentive way. The team comprises people with a varied experience: experts in the area of media campaigns and online activities, but also PR and communication specialists, as well as experienced event co-ordinators. The SPC team run both campaigns aimed at consumers (B2C), and at businesspeople (B2B).


Thanks to the elasticity, openness and involvement of the SPC team, the solutions proposed to clients are not only tailor-made, but they also go far beyond the traditional offer of media houses.


The SPC offer includes:

Media campaigns

  • The planning and purchase of advertisements
  • All types of media: the press, radio, tv, out-of-home
  • Custom activities: PR, sponsoring, others

Online activities

  • Advertising campaigns, including e-mailing
  • The social media

Services for the business sector

  • B2B advertising campaigns
  • Organising participation in trade fairs all over the world