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Programme conducted by SPC House of Media considered as the "No. 1 success story" by the Polish Ministry of Economy

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Ministerstwo Gospodarki, podsumowując swoje działania promujące polską gospodarkę zagranicą, uznało realizowany przez SPC House of Media program promocji branży kosmetycznej za „success story nr 1”.

The Ministry of Economy summed up their pro-export activities conducted in years 2012 - 2015. Their budget was approx. 85 million euro. The programme to promote Polish cosmetics industry, run by SPC House of Media, was described as the "No. 1 success story". It was the most popular programme - over 80 companies took part in it. The Ministry wrote:

The programme, which has proved undoubtedly to be a success, was the programme to promote Polish cosmetics industry abroad. With consistency and consolidation of the industry, and a very efficient and effective work of the coordinator of the programme, it was possible to acquire a measurable effect in promoting the Brand of Polish Economy, as well as the reputation and potential of the Polish cosmetics industry.

Full version of the press release (in Polish)