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Polish Cosmetics in the World Vanguard

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The Polish cosmetics branch made an excellent appearance in great style at the most important world cosmetics fair, Cosmoprof, which took place in Bologne in Italy from the 21st to the 23rd of March. The Polish National Pavilion, the biggest one in the history of our branch, was at the same time one of the biggest at the fair.

The Polish exhibitors, of whom there were over a 100 this year, in the course of 4 fair days competed with over 2.5 thousand exhibitors from all over the world for the attention of 250 thousand visitors, 80 thousand of whom had come from outside Italy. The Polish National Pavilion was one of 27 national pavilions. The Polish companies succeeded in making themselves seen. The Polish Pavilion turned out to be the 4th biggest one at the fair.

The National Pavilion was organised by SPC House of Media – the co-ordinator of the 1st Branch Programme to Promote the Polish Cosmetics Industry, commissioned by the Ministry of Economy and conducted since 2012. SPC House of Media was not only responsible for the organisation of the Polish National Pavilion, but also for its PR and promotion.

Poland was a partner country of the official welcome cocktail party for the most important fair guests. Advertisements of the Polish Pavilion appeared in the fair catalogue, throughout the fair venue complex and on billboards placed on the route to the Bologna airport.


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