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SPC House of Media working for the Polish Confederation Lewiatan

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The new Lewiatan campaign has just started. SPC House of Media which was chosen in a competition is responsible for media planning and buying. The campaign will be conducted in 30 major Polish websites devoted to economics and investments (including gazetaprawna.pl , forsal.pl , pb.pl , forbes.pl).

The campaign promotes a conference organized by Lewiatan on February 12-th in Warsaw, „Aktywizacja i podnoszenie kompetencji podmiotów rynku Aniołów Biznesu w Polsce”. Among the invited guests will be David Putts - co-founder of Inteligo and Michael Sonenshine - manager of early- stage funds in Central Europe. In addition to lectures there will also be presentations of the most up to date business ideas related to the cosmetic industry.
The Lewiatan project, co-financed from EU funds, is to widely promote the idea of Business Angels and to prepare entrepreneurs and investors for capital transactions, exchange of experience and to implement best global practices in the Polish market.

The campaign will run until 11 February 2014.