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Polish cosmetics promoted abroad

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SPC House of Media is the creator of the newest and so far the largest promotional campaign for the Polish cosmetics industry, which will be carried out in the most important cosmetic fair in the world - Cosmoprof .
The fair takes place on 4-7 April 2014 in Bologna, Italy. This is the most prestigious event in the industry. There will be more than 100 cosmetics Polish companies exhibiting.

Nearly one third of these are exposed in the Polish National Pavilion, which was organized by SPC. It will cover an area of almost 600m2. In this area visitors will find Poland's Novelties Showroom & Cafe, where premiere cosmetics specially prepared by Polish producers will be presented. Complementing the exhibition area is a special catalogue designed by SPC House of Media. In addition, SPC is fully responsible for organizing and supervising the production of the inauguration of the showroom in the form of a multimedia show, which will take place at the centre of the fair.

SPC House of Media agency will conduct a promotional campaign through a variety of media - from B2B mailings to potential buyers and trade visitors, by advertising in the business and women’s press or in the fair catalogue and on the billboards exhibited in Bologna during the fair. We will also manage the international press office for the industry.

SPC House of Media supports the promotion of the Polish cosmetics industry abroad as part of a project carried out for the Ministry of Economy. It is the Cosmetic Industry Promotion Programme for 2012-2015. It envisages the promotion of Polish companies in international markets through the promotion of 15 flagship industries. SPC House of Media convinced almost 100 Polish cosmetics manufacturers to participate in this program.