Polska Cosmetics

Polska CosmeticsSPC House of Media has been coordinating a pioneer branch programme for the promotion of the Polish cosmetics branch abroad. It was commissioned by the Polish Ministry of Economy and lasted 3 years, 2012-2015.

Its aim is to support the export of Polish cosmetics. It is directed at the potential  business partners of the Polish companies (B2B activities).  

SPC House of Media has been attaining that aim by constructing and promoting the Polish National Pavilion at the most important world cosmetic fairs - with more than 200 stands worldwide. Additionally, we have also organised a number of foreign trade missions and visits to Poland, trainings and conferences. 

SPC House of Media has also run an international advertising and PR campaign (resulting in more than 100 articles on the branch in the most important trade and business media).     

Polska CosmeticsThe activities taken place in the following countries: Poland, Italy, Germany, the Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, China, Brazil.

The programme has become the most popular programme of the 15  programmes ordered by the Polish Ministry of Economy – almost 100 Polish cosmetics producers have decided to co-operate with SPC House of Media, together with the biggest of those companies: Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics Laboratories, Ziaja, Oceanic, Dax Cosmetics, Eveline Cosmetics and Verona Products Professional.


  • 75% of producers export to new markets
  • 39% observed more than 50% export growth
  • 58% seen increase of Polish cosmetics brands recognition worldwide