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The SPC Interactive Department will help you to prepare an overall complex strategy of your company’s presence online.

Display campaigns

We plan and run display campaigns online, directed at precisely selected target groups.

We offer you the possibility of running your advertising campaign in Polish mainstream horizontal portals (Onet, WP, Gazeta, Interia and others), in advertising networks/chains and in individual, specially fitted websites. By choosing suitable services, our experts can aid you to attain your most challenging aims.

We charge you for the campaigns in effectivity modules, that is, you pay us only for the concrete effects attained.


SEM campaigns - google adwords

Advertising campaigns in internet search engines are an extremely effective form of promotion, enabling them to reach people interested in the type of services or products offered by your company almost instantaneously – at the moment when the clients themselves are looking for them.

We recommend to our clients sponsored links in the most popular search engine  – Google Adwords.

A Google Adwords advertisement appears only to those users who are seeking the phrases you have defined. The campaigns are conducted on the PPC model (pay per click) – thus you pay only for the user entering your website, and not for the number of impressions. It is also upto you to state the daily budget of the advertisement.

Our experts will plan and run your campaign from A to Z. 

The specialists at SPC Interactive have proved their professional abilities to run a PPC campaign by obtaining the prestigious Google Advertising Professionals certificate.


SEO services - optimalising, positioning

SPC Interactive offers SEO services, that is we make certain that our clients’ online services are positioned at the top of the lists of results obtained by internet search engines for the key words selected by our clients.

We position websites in accordance with the SEO ethical code.

We also propose to our clients a selection of the most apt key words useful in campaigns with sponsored links and used in the process of positioning as such.

The SEO service includes:

  • an analysis of the acccordance of the website’s code with W3C standards and its optimalisation,
  • collecting information about the back links and their strengthening,
  • a study of the placement of the content and the links in the service and their correction.

We also conduct an audit of the technology used on your website. We check if the site is safe, accessible to groups of users and whether it is effective in practice, and we suggest ways to make the loading of your site quicker.


Advertising in the social media

Already 87% of the Polish internet users make use of social media such as Facebook, Nk.pl, Twitter or Linkedin. Hence, the presence of brands in them is today almost compulsory, and advertising in the social media is one of the most dynamically developing forms of online promotion. As studies reveal, 43% people visit the site of a brand they had contact with through a social service. It is thus also an extremely effective way of advertising. Additionally, it offers a unique possibility for the company to interact with its clients.

We offer our clients a complex service:

  • Creating the company profile,
  • Administration and moderation,
  • Creating the content,
  • Interaction with fans,
  • Collecting the society,
  • Organizing advertising campaigns in the services.


The creation and improvement of company websites

SPC Interactive is very successful in creating online services, in keeping with the most current network standards recommended by W3C, the world organisation. Thanks to that it creates services that are modern and easy to develop further later on.

Audits of websites

When we look at and analyse an existing service or website, we concentrate on assessing and proposing new solutions regarding, among others, the functionality of the websites, their optimalisation with regards to search engines, their modern design and the newest and most adequate technologies. With our Web Usability service, we analyse the architecture of the information on your website, concentrating first and foremost on an analysis of the needs and requirements, suggesting the most appropriate solution.

Thanks to the Web Usability service you will obtain:

  • An analysis of your site with regards to the ergonomy standards of websites, as well as the typography of the content on the site,
  • An adjustment of the design and colour scheme to the needs and preferences of the target group,
  • An intuitiveness of the navigation, a proposal of a lucid scheme of the menu,
  • Accordance of the colour scheme and composition with the company CI,
  • A report based on an analysis of the websites of rival companies.


E-mail marketing

We plan and create advertising campaigns with the use of electronic mail - an effective marketing tool which gives you the possibility of a quick and cheap direct access to thousands of potential clients.

That form of promotion proves to be extremely successful in campaigns oriented directly at the sale of products and services. The advertising message is not only targeted, but also personalised – one can address the recipient by name. Due to those possibilities, a well-planned e-mail campaign can be extremely effective.

We concentrate on creating a customised database of the recipients, as well as on the highest possible deliverability of the e-mails, which we monitor and measure.